As I reflected on the ways in which I try to be attentive to God’s presence and interaction in my life, the empty bowl has been a prominent image for that kept speaking to me as a way to express this concept. In it I imagine my hands cupped around the edges eager to be receptive, open and attentive to God’s grace and presence.

As I mentioned in my text, the early morning hours are my preferred time to try to be particularly focused on that presence.  Thus, the warm bright colors fading into the deeper tones in the top half of the image seem to suggest a sunrise. The warmth and the light in itself would appear to suggest God’s presence. Those same warm tones are also reflected in the bowl image as well as on the surface on which the bowl rests.  This would seem to reflect the fact that each of us is always surrounded by God’s presence whether we are fully aware of it or not.

The sky image could easily suggest sunset as well as sunrise.  My desire to find moments of quiet at the end of the day would allow me to complete the cycle begun at the start of the day and provide me the opportunity to assess the ways in which God’s presence and interaction unfolded throughout the day.


About the Artist

EdRiceBrother Edward Rice, a Xaverian Brother for 53 years, is an art instructor at the Senior Centers in Danvers and Melrose, Massachusetts.  He is a member of the Xaverian Brothers community on Earle Street in Malden.







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  • Wendy W. Larivee says:

    Brother, John and I are so proud to know you. What a beautiful painting! Congrats on yet another amazing creation!
    Lots of love to you,
    Wendy and John Larivee

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