The large circular shape represents God, the Sun and the smaller circle the human person T.J. Ryken. The concepts of one’s smallness before God, being grounded or brought low and the radiance of the valley between two mountains are some of the images focused on. The gentle curving lines beneath the small circle are intended to represent the valley.





About the Artist

EdRiceBrother Edward Rice, a Xaverian Brother for 53 years, is an art instructor at the Senior Centers in Danvers and Melrose, Massachusetts.  He is a member of the Xaverian Brothers community on Earle Street in Malden.







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  • William P. Griffin says:

    Thanks, Ed, for your inspiring art! The multiple, intersecting lines that pervade the work suggest to me the mystery of God’s acting throughout all of creation and the New Pentecost that is dawning as Vat. Council II and it’s meaning emerges in our world, working through the present Pope of our pilgrim Church. Alleluia!.

  • Dear Edward, I think of you often…you have
    been an inspiration for my work. I recently moved to Melbourne, Florida. I haven’t had the motivation to paint lately. I’m “stuck” so to speak and can’t get going. Please say a prayer for me.
    A few months ago I joined a Third Order of
    Franciscans in Oakland Park Florida and here in Melbourne. The community is progressive yet
    respectful of so many Franciscan traditions. We are an ecumenical community of friars. There are eight of us, some priests and mostly brothers, however, no distinction is made and we all wear the same habit when it is worn for
    liturgy. The Melbourne Community of which I
    belong is essentially a contemplative group. Do check out our website

    I’ll hold you in prayer as well! Bob, in communty, known as Br Patrick-Robert, Pat being my middle name and my father’s first name. Stay in touch, miss you!

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